The town of Bitonto, also called the capital of oil, because of the century old tradition of cultivation of this precious product, lies about ten kilometres far from Bari, and its territory covers both the national park of the High Murgia and the naturalistic site of Lama Balice, which has been, since 2007, a regional park in the historical centre of the town.
The trapezoid shaped historical centre, is enclosed within the town walls and appears to the visitors’ eyes as a maze of narrow roads, accessed through the imposing Baresana Gate, which it is difficult not to admire in all its beauty. In the main square, you can admire the Church of St.Gaetano, of Baroque style, dating back to the 17th century and palazzo Sylos-Calò, in the late Renaissance style, dating back to 1500 and housing the National Gallery of Puglia.
Not to be missed is the Cathedral of St.Valentine and of St.Mary of the Assumption, situated in the Medieval quarter and characterized by the traditional Apulian romanesque architectural style. The façade is absolutely precious and is characterized by both elements of the western culture and elements of the eastern culture, and is richly decorated by local artists.

Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness

The tour Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness is focused on the town of Bitonto and the surrounding territory and offers a multi-sensory experience which emotionally…

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