Spyridon church is the most impressive of the churches on the island and Corfu town’s most important post-Byzantine monument. The church was builded in the 1580s in the heart of Old Town, right behind Liston. It’s bell tower, is the highest one in the Ionian Islands while its red dome is the first that a visitor can see when he arrives by boat to Corfu. The church’s crypt houses the remains of the saint himself in a double sarcophagus. Venetian silver and stunning paintings decorate the church, making it a truly breath-taking interior. The marble iconostasis catches the eye for its classical lines, with a pediment and Corinthian columns bordering the paintings. The church also possesses priceless treasures and votive offerings. This saint is the protector of the island, as the legend says that he saved the town from famine, plaque and siege, and made a great number of miracles in the 17th century.

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