At about 2 kilometres from the historical centre of Manfredonia, we find  the beautiful tourist resort of Siponto, also called the “town of cuttlefish” from its etymology. Its origin dates back to very old times and its history is linked to legends according to which it was founded by Diomedes.
This was an important sea town which was inhabited by a succession of different peoples and was conquered by peoples succeding one another as follows: first the Daunians, the Greeks, and then the Samnites, the Romans,  the Saracens, up to the Normans.
Its beautiful coast with its crystal clear sea and  golden sand every year attracts many visitors and tourists who love to enjoy both the relaxing atmosphere of this sea resort and its archaeological beauties and culture.
In Siponto you can admire an amazing archaeological park, in which the excavations have brought to life the remains of the ancient town: streets, houses, an amphitheatre and above all churches of big cultural interest, as the square plan paleochristian one of St.Maria Maggiore.
In 2016, on the Basilica area, Edoardo Tresoldi, a young artist from Lombardia, used a wire mesh to make an installation of the height of 14 mt. by the help of an electrowelding technique, which allows to see the basilica almost in trasparency.
Tresoldi’s works are always very interesting and this one in particular stands out for the amazing game of balance between archaeology and modern art.

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