The Goal

The project is meant for supporting the development of small ports in order to improve their activities, to enhance sea transport and cross-border connections, and to direct maritime traffic, especially cruise ships, towards territories underexploited in terms of tourism as well as to consolidate the links with the main ports.

The products

International analysis of  demand for tourist services in the Apulian territory, aimed at identifying a specific market for possible investors.

Creation of some tourist packages focused on the themes emerged from the aforementioned analysis and incoming activities addressed to cruise-related buyers.
International promotion of tourist packages and related planning opportunities for new landing points in the ports involved in the project, particularly for small cruises and maxi yachts.
Creation of a common brand identifying the territories involved and the promotion activities, and following a common strategy of publicizing to be implemented both on the territories involved and at the highest international level.
Realization of light infrastructure works for some of the ports managed by AdSP MAM (Manfredonia, Barletta, Monopoli), for the port of Gallipoli and the port of Gaios (Paxos), meant for the reception of passengers.
Carrying out of promotional activities for attracting potential investors such as shipping companies, agencies, entrepreneurs.
Organization of training courses for the port staff, in order to improve the quality of the services offered.

The results
  • The parallel development of the tourist industry and the port sector is typical and fundamental of the economy of both countries.
  • The improvement of the promotional efficiency of the territory integrated with the promotional strategies of the public institutions involved.
  • Better accommodation and services in the ports of Manfredonia, Monopoli, Barletta, Gallipoli and Paxos;
  • Better tourist marketing promotion of the territories of Gargano, central Puglia, southern Salento and of the islands of Corfu with their small harbours. Deseasonalization of traffic and passenger flows in minor ports;
  • Development of tourist services and industry in the territorial areas involved.
The figures

Total budget: € 2.569.590,00 out of which:


€ 1.673.482,00


€ 896.108,00


€ 2.184.151,50

The budget of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority is:

€ 1.058.736,00

The Partners

LB – Southern Adriatic Ports Authority
PB2 – Municipality of Gallipoli
PB3 – Port Authority of Corfu
PB4 – Chamber of Commerce in Bari
PB5 – Municipality of Paxos

The Implementing bodies

The Municipalities of Barletta, Monopoli and Brindisi, led by the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority, have the task of carrying out a territorial marketing campaign aimed at promoting the brand Themis, linking it to the specific local characteristics and involving the enterprises based on the territory.
Unioncamere has the task of supporting the incoming, outgoing and training activities involving the Chamber of Commerce of Bari.