The eighteenth centry church of St.Mary of the Suffrage is famous like the Purgatory. The theme of the main façade is that of death and it is continuously repeated. The jambs and the architrave of the entrance door are populated by skulls and crossed tibias which seem to be hideous looks coming from the afterlife. On the  sculpted scrolls there are sentences written in Latin, which are imagined to be pronounced by the dead, such as hodie mihi cras tibi (literally translated: today for me, tomorrow for you). On the wooden door leaves two skeletons surrounded by tiles representing the social classes, can be seen, in the higher positions the aristocratic and ecclesiastic coat of arms are represented, and in the lower positions the labour tools of the lower classes, are represented. A window on the left of the entrance door allows to see, in some showcases, the so called “standing up dead people”, that is mummies of the confreres of the Purgatory, with a black red edged mozzetta and a  with a flame. As a tradition, the elderly of the quarter address a greeting, almost a prayer, to them: ‹‹Good evening everybody. You were like us, we will be like you. Good evening everybody››.

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