The port and the Roman column are the symbol of Brindisi and the place from which a visit to the historical centre should start from. The name of the town derives from the particular shape of the natural inlet reminding to the horns of a deer: the word of Messapic origin Brunda means deer head. The port has been  the core of the town and an element of strategic attraction for all the dominations succeeding one another over history and has made Brindisi a centre dedicated to trade and a starting point for travelling to the Eastern world since Roman times and during the Crusade period.

The column rising on the top of a staircase, is what remains of a monumental area that is considered the end point of via Appia. At first they were two, erected in Roman times on the hill overlooking the port, a sign recognizable for landing. The original capital of the remaining column is housed in an exhibition area inside the building of the former Court of Assize, not far from the port. On the same staircase a plate commemorates the place where the Latin poet Vergilius died in 19 b.C.

In the middle of the port, there is the Monument to the Italian Mariner, built in 1933  following the shape of a sheep wheel, together with the Military Memorial.

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