In the heart of the old nucleus of the city of Bari, among palazzo houses dating back to the late sixteenth century, with Baroque additions and with internal uncovered courtyards, we can recognize palazzo Simi.
On the remains of a Byzantine church this Palazzo, seat of the Operational Centre for Archaeology in Bari, looks like an aristocratic mansion of the second half of the sixteenth centiuy, and is called after the noble family Simi de Burgis, who bought it in 1670 and inhabited it until the beginning of the Twentieth century. It overlooks via Lamberti, with an elegant elevation  which reflects the palazzo building technique become famous in Bari between the 16th and the 17th century. This palazzo was built on the remains of an anonymous Byzantine church  dating back to the 10th century, dedicated to St.Gregorius de Falconibus, according to notary sources. In the underground of the palazzo, the three apses and the altar, which has been recently returned to worship, can be seen.
The rooms upstairs often house temporary art exhibitions, and the permanent archaeological exhibition illustrating the development of the city.

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