Called the “little Rome” because of its seven hills, Canosa reveals in every corner an opulent and glorious past, from the extraordinary archaeological treasure of the imperial era to the elegant 19th century palaces of the ancient village. Walking through the streets of this beautiful city just seems to cross through history. Indeed, it almost seems to feel the beating heart of Hannibal who defeated the Romans at Canne della Battaglia, the jingle of the goblets of the Tiber domus banquet, the roll of the warm waters at the excavations of the Baths of San Mercurio, and then again, the efforts of the builders of Lagrasta, the largest hypogeum in Southern Italy, an ancient aristocratic tomb constituted by three rooms and nine burial chambers. Just take a few more steps back in time and observe the magnificence of the Byzantine Cathedral of San Sabino, the heart of the country, along with the Bohemond Mausoleum and the Basilica of Santa Sofia, or to be immersed in the early Christian world visiting the Excavations of St Peter, the Baptistery of St John, the Basilica of St Leucius and the mosaic of the Cross of Solomon. Canosa is in short, a real time machine, a unique place to be enchanted by history and reflect on the great legacy of our past.

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