You can make out the profile of the “White City” from the coast looking towards the hills. The village and the medieval center perched on the last hills of the Murgia make its historic center a jewel not far from the sea appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Its marina, long and diversified with beaches and cliffs has for decades been a lively tourism centre, offering varied and growing attractions. The old town reserves the surprise of fascinating views: on the top the cathedral with its rose window and bell tower, the noble palaces, churches and traditional houses in the “Terra” district made of stone and white lime. A series of towers and walls, that once protected it in case of danger, surrounds it almost like a ring and just outside the walls the population cultivated vegetable gardens of which you can still see some traces today.

A short distance from the town important archaeological findings tell of ancient settlements in the archaeological and naturalistic park of Santa Maria D’Agnano including the Woman of Ostuni found in a burial with her son who she was about to give birth to 28,000 years ago. The discovery is visible in the Museum of Pre-Classical Civilizations of the southern Murgia.




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