Trani is an extraordinary window on the sea, a destination that fully satisfies travellers’ deepest quests, i.e. enrichment and contamination. Its port, a historical melting pot of cultures and peoples, inspired the creation of the Ordinamenta Maris, the oldest maritime code of the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages, and is now a wonderful treasure chest, capable of fully preserving the charm of the past and at the same time, the great suggestions of the future. Its shape and colours give rise to an incredible scenery, which did not pass unnoticed by famous national and international film makers who chose it as a privileged background for important movies. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea reflect the extraordinary Trani Castle, Frederick II’s fortress on the sea, where the wedding between his son Manfred and Elena Ducas was celebrated. A magical place that, with its imposing beauty, metaphorically stands as a symbol of the complex history of a population that thanks to its strenght and despite facing numerous waves of conquest, was able to protect and enhance the precious roots embedded in the light and sturdy rock.

Another great attraction of Trani is its Cathedral, an example of Apulian Romanesque architecture, featuring limestone and a slender, imposing style. Dedicated to Saint Nicholas the Pilgrim, the cathedral lends a monumental charm to the dense tangle of corners and alleys winding around it, walked by the oblivious tourists who are in awe when popping out in this true corner of paradise. Trani, resulting from an excellent collective narrative, is therefore a multifaceted place that draws its magic from the long established and privileged relationship with its inhabitants and visitors. A thick city that should be visited while at the same time trying out and experiencing its versatility, because every corner, every activity, every suggestion, tells something about mankind and its changes. A must-see!

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