The elegant town of Trani with its characteristic Cathedral overlooking the sea, and symbol of Puglia, overlooks a picturesque port, an old commercial area and still today it is a meetig place and a perfect place for a relaxing walk.
The Cathedral, founded in the 12th century and dedicated to St.Nicholas the Pilgrim, is a very beutiful example of Romanesque-Apulian example, with its imposing structure and its characteristic white-pinky stone from Trani. From the bell tower being 60 metres high, it is possible to admire the town from above, in all its beauty.
Another important symbol of the town is the Swabian Castle, with its squared shape, commissioned by Friedrick II in 1233 and later changed in the 16th century. Situated by the sea, the purpose of this fortress  was that of protecting the town from foreign raids. Finally there is the historical centre of Trani, that must be explored slowly, among the paved stone alleys, as a charming way to enjoy the real essence of the oldest Puglia, until reaching the Jewish Quarter of Giudecca, in which only two of the four synagogues  of the past, have survived, among which there is the Synagogue of Scola nova, that houses a Museum of the Jewish culture.

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