In the heart of the old island, in the highest point of the historical village of the Beautiful Town, the Cathedral of Gallipoli is situated. It is devoted to St.Agata and was built between 1629 and 1696 according to the  project of architect Giovan Bernardino Genuino, thanks to a donation of the doctor Gian Giacomo Lazzari.
Its Latin cross shaped plan, is characterized by three naves separated by Doric columns. Inside there is a big collection of paintings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, painted by  painters like  G. A. Coppola and  N. Malinconico, as well as a precious wooden choir.
In a a special space, adjoined to the left nave, the relics of a lot of Saints are housed, among them there is the skeleton of St.Faustus. In the past Gallipoli hosted the sacred relic of the breast of St.Agata, today housed in the Basilica of St.Catherine from Alexandria in Galatina.

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