The historical centre of Bari is more commonly called “Old Bari”. It dates back  to the urban planning of Byzantine times, and it is made up with buildings dating back to different historical periods and is surrounded by walls. The intricate labyrinth of narrow roads offers a concentrate of Apulian daily life, between wayside shrines and votive pictures, little stalls on which the housewives prepare hand made orecchiette pasta and sailors weaving nets.

It has been often the victim of prejudices of the past, because it was considered to be a dangerous place,but today  this ancient part of the city lives again a big cultural  liberation, also thanks to the fact that it hosts St.Nicholas’ relics, one of the most venerated saints in the world.

Besides the big number of churches, among which the most important ones are St.Nicholas’ Basilica and the Cathedral of St.Sabin, the old Bari houses a very beautiful Medieval castle and the longest seafront in Italy.

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