Palazzo Rendella is today’s seat of the Civic Library. On the same site, in the Sixteenth century a “ casa erema” (literally: isolated house) – later called “the Quarter”, in its meaning of military headquarters –  having the function of housing the Spanish soldiers, who  had been previously housed in the houses of the people of Monopoli, in really unsuitable and uncomfortable conditions of promiscuity. In the 19th century a theatre was built, which inaugurated its first season in 1841. It would be declared unsafe in 1910 and, after a restoration intervention, it was used until the ‘40s. Since 1956 the building has been the seat of a splendid library, functioning as an important cultural link with the social fabric of the town. In today’s Fishermen’s Hall of this complex, as it can be deduced from the name of the hall itself, the fish market with the traditional fish auction, took place from 1940 to 1991, every fishing day on the coming back of the fishing boats from their daily fatigue at sea. The echo of voices,  the haggling, the nicknames are revived in the hall, by the exhibition of the photos of fishermen, taken from the material of the first edition of the Festival of Photography phEST, in which the meaningful prohotographic works by the photographer Piero Martinello, were exhibited.

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