The National Archaeological Museum, established in 1968 inside the Swabian Castle, houses the most famous and significant archaeological findings of the territories of Capitanata and of Gargano, among which there are the Daunian stelae, which are a typical funerary monument made of limestone, typical of the Daunian civilization. The stelae are rectangular shaped, and they probably celebrated the memory of elite personalities. They represent male or female images and tell about the world of the ancient Daunians: daily, ritual activities, wedding and funerary ceremonies, armed fightings on foot or from horseback.
Besides this amazing evidence, the Museum also houses an exhibition of the civilization of the old Manfredonia, Siponto, entitled: “Siponto: a town neglected in the Middle Ages”. The findings collected, come from the archaelogical excavations in the Archaeological Park of Siponto and witness  a cross section of the social-economic situation of the time, thus bringing to light the splendour of this port town.
In the Squared Tower of the Castle, instead, it is possible to visit an exhibition dedicated to scuba diving archaeology: “Treasures from the sea”.
Since the month of April 2017, the management of the museum has been transferred to the Museum Network (or Polo Museale) of Puglia.

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