Paxos, is a group of small islands and rocky islets, the  smallest ones among them, are Paxos and Antipaxos. Situated 7 milest o the south of Corfù, the two islands are shaped like a long and narrow lizard and cover a surface of 29 and 3  squared km, respectively.
Paxos is an island characterized by expanses of olive groves, while vineyards prevail in Antipaxos.

The main town of Paxos is Gaios, a picturesque village built around a port which is protected by two little islands, Agios Nikolaos and Panagia. To the north of the island there is the inhabited centre of Lakka, while along the coastline, to the east, there is the amazing village of Loggos.
Today Paxos has got a population of about 2450 resident inhabitants, and during the summer months, it hosts a number of even 200,000 tourists.

The inhabitants of Paxos are warm and extremely friendly people, they love traditions but they do not refuse to be in step with today’s life of contemporary Europe.

In 2004 the island was declared Cultural Village of Europe.

According to mythology, the islands of Paxos were created when the sea god, Poseidon, hit the island of Corfù with its trident, thus breaking the corresponding point to the south, in order to  give shape to Paxos, where he would move in search of peace, with his beloved Amphithrite. The part of trident which had detached from the whole, was then found by the inhabitants of the island who made it the emblem of their island.

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