The Cathedral is dedicated to St.Lawrence in Maiorano, bishop of Siponto (488­-545) whose relics it still houses today. The church was built according to the plan designed by a French architect in Gothic style.
Built in the 14th century, it was razed to the ground after the sack of the Turks, during which also the  body of St.Lawrence which was buried here, was destroyed, with the exception of the right arm, being housed today, in an urn below the major altar. The church was slowly reconstructed, with the addition of elements such as the bell tower (1677) and the completion of the façade. The cathedral keeps three precious jewels of the Medieval art: the icon of the Madonna of Siponto (celebrated every year with a procession held on August 31st), the wooden statue of the same Madonna, coming from the Basilica in Siponto, and the wooden crucifix dating back to the 13th century, coming from the church of St.Leonard.

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