Themis Experience

Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness

The tour Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness is focused on the town of Bitonto and the surrounding territory and offers a multi-sensory experience which emotionally…

The itineraries of the Ionic arch of Taranto

The tour The itineraries of the Ionic arch of Taranto is focused on the town of Taranto and the sorrounding territory, and is meant for the participation of a…

On the traces of Frederick II of Swabia

The tour “On the traces of Frederick II of Swabia” is focused on three symbolic places linked to Frederick II of Swabia: Trani, Castel del Monte and the…

A travel of meetings and tales along the coast of Otranto…

The tour A travel of meetings and tales along the coast of Otranto among contemporary jewels, tastes on the road, the typical folklore “pizzica” dance and…


The tour SEATour offers a’“breathtaking” immersion in the heart of the Adriatic coast of Puglia, accompanied by a tourist guide graduated in biology and…

Themis Experience

Exclusive traveling experiences

Within the framework of the THEMIS project, the partner Chamber of Commerce in Bari has  selected, by an announcement called SEADOO, five experiential luxury tours, aiming at helping the discovery of the most authentic beauty of the territories surrounding the THEMIS ports.

Each tour will enable tourists to make an experience strictly linked to the culture of the territory visited, which will help them to immerse themselves in the most ancient traditions, and in the values of a land  which has gathered, over its long history, suggestions of any kind

A multi-sensory experience, in strict contact with nature and the landscapes which will be possible to enjoy during the activities offered.
The sense of taste, with the tastes of the products of excellence and ancient recipes skillfully prepared.
The sense of smell, with the smells of the land and of the most precious wines.
The sight, with the landscapes and the cultural beauties famous all over the world.
The hearing, with the notes of the traditional folklore music.
The touch, with the creation of local handicraft objects.
Each tour provided by the project, which can be started and ended just before the ship, at the THEMIS landing port, will allow tourists to feel themselves as being part of the local community and as experiencing a synergy with the people living on a territory rich in history, which is looking at new kinds of visits.

The tour “On the traces of Frederick II of Swabia” is focused on three symbolic places linked to Frederick II of Swabia: Trani, Castel del Monte and the National Park of the High Murgia, strictly connected with ech other, not only from a historical point of view, but also a regards the territory in which they are situated.

The nearest THEMIS port: Port of Barletta (distance: 15.8 km / travel time 20 min)

The tour starts early in the morning (at about 9:30am) from the Swabian Castle in Trani, where visitors, accompanied by the tourist guide Rossella, will feel immersed in the history of the castle built by Frederick II of Swabia, to protect the Reign of Sicily. The guided visit will continue to the Cathedral of the town, the highest example of Apulian Romanseque architecture. It is inserted in a splendid landscape, overlooking the sea and the nearby Templar Church of All Saints, which once was used to host not only pilgrims but also Crusaders leaving for the Holy Land.

The tour will continue by bus, towards one of the most important tourist desrinations in southern Italy: Castel del Monte, an octagonal shaped fortress, built by Frederick II around 1240 and belonging to the UNESCO heritage since 1996. The whole castle is not only a splendid example of Medieval architecture, built in quartz and limestone, but its structure is also a symbol of magic ad exoterism. The guided visit of the castle will last an hour, during the visit participants will immerse in the history and in all the legends and symbolism that the local tradition has absorbed over centuries.

At 12.30pm, participants will be offered a lunch organized by the Farmhouse Sei Carri, an excellent farmhouse situated within the National Park of the High Murgia. In its very beautiful rooms built in stone, dishes based on the old recipes of the typical peasant cuisine tradition of the Murgia and the old Apulian gastronomical tradition, will be served, accompanied by the red wine from Troia, produced in the nearby vineyards.
In the afternoon there will be a performance of foklore music and dances by the dancer-singer Benedetta Lusito who, with her movements and melodies, will delight the ears and eyes of the participants, letting them travel back to time, through the folklore of Puglia.

After the singing ad dancing, it is time to enjoy the wonderful nature by a walk in the nature of the National Park of the High Murgia, accompanied by a trekking guide among woods and steppes, in order to have the opportunity of enjoying the biodiversity of the Park and to learn how to recognize the edible plants, used in the Murgian cuisine for centuries. The participants will be given the possibility of collecting these plants, and the old recipes based on these plants, will be given to them.

The Federiciano Travel agency is specialized in offering tourists the possibility of living amazing experiences in Puglia, by interesting tours, being in line with an eco-friendly tourism and meant for those who want to discover a different side of Puglia, not touched by the traditional tourist flows, and for those who want to live unique experiences as tourist-actor-protagonists, thanks to exciting cultural, enogastronomic, naturalistic and sea tours.

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The tour Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness is focused on the town of Bitonto and the surrounding territory and offers a multi-sensory experience which emotionally and physically involves the visitor, who will be welcomed and pampered for the whole day. It is not only a visit to places famous for their beauty and charm, but a full experience around a so generous and magic land.

The nearest THEMIS Port: the Port of Bari (distance:19.4 km / travel time 30 min)

This tour will start on the morning from Bitonto, a town boasting a very ancient history, the town of oil, a place symbol of the Apulian elegance, art and culture, expression of a foklore and a farming culture which is still fully alive today.

Tourists will be welcomed by our guide Francesca and from the Baresana gate the walking tour will start and will last about 90 minutes, a tour of beauty, culture and tastes. It will be a walk around the places of power, the elegance of aristocratic buildings, the mystic atmosphere of places of worship, in a crescendo of amazement which will culminate with the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Assumption, a real treasury, which will fascinate and expire emotions in its visitors, with its stories of saints and heroes.

With their eyes wide with beauty and amazement, visitors will be ready to experience goodness, at the typical restaurant “Il quarto storto” which will welcome them. There they will taste the delicious typical dishes of the traditional Apulian cuisine and will learn in the artisan pastry laboratory “Boccabò” , with the help of its owner, Amedeo, how to make the famous “bocconotto”, a traditional Apulian dessert, charateristic for its main ingredient, ricotta cheese, and because in the past it was made by cloistered nuns who lived in the monastery situated in the heart of the historical centre of the town. Its name “bocconotto” means that it is so good that is eaten in one bite.

In the afternoon the tour will continue in the direction of the countryside and the olive groves of the hamlet of Palombaio, 7 km far from the historical centre, where the participants in the tour, will experience a full immersion in the nature of the peasant Puglia, linked to the land and to the cycle of seasons, and will have the possibility to discover the processing techniques of the green gold of Puglia, with a visit to the oil mill of the farm Cuonzo, which has made organic farming its philosophy. Letizia will welcome visitors, offering them a guided tasting of the flavours and aromas of the extravirgin olive oil produced there.

This tour will end with a bike tour at the sunset, lasting about 60 minutes, immersed in a landscape full of olive and almond groves, around the countryside of this magic land.

The travel agency Laureatana Viaggi is specialized in tours tailored for meeting the needs of customers interested in discovering the beauties of the "Land of Puglia" and combines unusual itineraries with visits to places both characteristic and unknown, with a special eye on slow tourism, trekking and biking.

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The tour The itineraries of the Ionic arch of Taranto is focused on the town of Taranto and the sorrounding territory, and is meant for the participation of a minimum number of 8 participants and a maximum number of 15 participants.

The nearest THEMIS ports:
Port of Monopoli (distance: 69.4 km / travel time 1:13 min)
Port of Brindisi (distance: 75.9 km / travel time: 58 min)

The tour starts in the morning from the historical centre of the town, between history and culture, with our guide Claudia and the photographer videomaker Mario, who will accompany the group for making a reportage of the tour. Through alleys and narrow streets, tourists will have the possibility of immersing themselves in the daily life and working activities of the citizens reviving with their industriousness, the streets of the old Taranto.

An obligatory stopver of this tour is the visit to the Cathederal of Saint Cataldo, the oldest cathedral in Puglia, with its splendid architecture and its famous hypogeum De Beaumont Bonelli Bellacicco. Then the tour continues towards the MarTa, the National Archaeological Museum of the town of Taranto, for a guided tour along the exhibitions ranging between prehistory and the late Medieval Age, passing by the corridors exhibiting the “Taranto golden objects”, and admiring the colletion of jewels and the imposing beauty of the exhibited Heracles’ Head. Finally participants will be welcomed in the MArTA Lab, a digital handicraft workshop, where they will be enabled to reproduce by 3D printers, an object exhibited in the museum.

At 12.30ap lunch will be served in Crispiano, after a trip on a minibus, at the Masseria farm Amastuola, a building dating back to 1400, immersed in century-old vineyards and olive groves, housing an elegant wine-hotel, a barrel store, a library, and a restaurant with a terrace. After the visit to this Masseria farm, its vineyards and its cellar, a tasting lunch accompanied by a selection of five organic wines matched with five dishes of the traditional Apulian cuisine. This will be an opportunity to taste not only the local wines but also the local typical cuisine.

In the afternoon the tour will continue by travelling on a minibus, to Grottaglie, which will stop at the house of the Vestita family. Here participants will be welcomed by the owners of the house, Mimmo and Maria Vestita. Inside, it will be possible to enjoy a picturesque garden and a Medieval rupestrian church recently excavated, an extraordinary art testimony dating back to the 13th century. In the Vestita House and Shop the tradition of the master ceramists is kept untouched. Through the tales of Mimmo Vestita, in his garden of wonders, participants will have the impression to experience a trip back in time.

The tour continues in the shop, where participants will have the possibility to observe the process of ceramic making, an art which is the flagship of the Apulian tradition and will experience how to make a ceramic object, under the guide of the masters of the shop.

The Meeting Planner is an agency specialized in the planning and organization of experiential events and in activities aiming at developing the knowledge of the Apulian territory.

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The tour SEATour offers a’“breathtaking” immersion in the heart of the Adriatic coast of Puglia, accompanied by a tourist guide graduated in biology and expert on the local history and art.

The nearest THEMIS port:
Port of Monopoli (distance: 850m / travel time 11 min on foot)

The tour starts at 10.30am from the port of Monopoli, from which, by entering the scenographc gate of Porto Vecchio, we will go straight to the heart of the historical centre, and will immerse ourselves in the typical bustling and noisy life of the narrow streets and white alleys. The guided walk of 2 hours will be a journey around the history, the taste and traditions of this town closely entwined with the sea and the so much venerated Madonna of Madia, whose image can be found everywhere at every corner of the old town, from the baroque Cathedral to the votive niches, and the frescoes of the undeground churches, excavated in the rock over 1000 years ago. To visit one of them, the rupestrian church of Madonna of the Suffrage and of the Amalfitana, visitors will enjoy the magic experience of being in a place below sea level.

In the workshop of Oronzo, a young shipwright, participants will have the possibility of experiencing the building of little fishing boats (so called “gozzo”), a typical souvenir of Monopoli, and then the tour will continue in the direction of the old port.

Now it is time to have lunch: along the teeming and noisy alleys, visitors can smell the aroma of bread and focaccias just taken out of the oven, and instead of the “gozzo” fishing boats, which have a shape similar to that of the old Venetian gondolas, the smell of fish just brought by fishermen from the sea, is in the air. On board their fishing boats, Francesco, Giuseppe and Leonardo, three young fishermen, will be glad to take visitors to the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes, setting sail from the Marina of Savelletri, a hamlet in the territory of Fasano. On board, participants will taste typical dishes of the Apulian sea cuisine tradition matched with high quality local wines, such as the rose wines of the farmhouse Masseria Mita and the DOC (Controlled designation of Origin) marked white wine Locorotondo of the Cellar Cardone.

Once got ashore, visitors will be given e-bikes for a beautiful ride up to the Archaeological Park of Egnatia, an ancient Greek-Roman town by the sea and crossed by a huge stretch of the famous Trajan road, and then going ahead along the Via Francigena in the south, among fortified masseria farms, fig groves, thousand- year old olive groves and fields of Regina Tomatoes, a precious Slow Food Presidia, visitors will reach the Park of the Coastal Dunes, where they will stop for birdwatching and taking photos of nature.

By slowly biking, participants will come back to Savelletri, but not without having tasted a good lemon ice cream, in the shade of the lictorian lighthouse of the sea village of Torre Canne. At this time the sun is going to hide itself behind the Murgia hills, it is time to set sailing again and make the unforgettable experience of casting nets into the sea, together with master fishermen…..and goodness knows, while sailing in the deep waters of Monopoli, dolphins and turtles may go along with us.

The Cooperative Serapia matches the competences with the professionalism of some young environmental biologists, accrued in the field of the environmental education and teaching, of exursionism, sustainable tourism, both of a historical and cultural and naturalistic kind, as well as of the scientific research and advice. The cooperative is specialized in a kind of experiential tourism, meant for transferring knowledge and passion and helping the birth of a new and more harmonic relationship between landscape and human activities, environment and economy, technique and culture.

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The tour A travel of meetings and tales along the coast of Otranto among contemporary jewels, tastes on the road, the typical folklore “pizzica” dance and hammock massages is focused on the town of Otranto and the surrounding territory.

The nearest THEMIS port:
Port of Gallipoli (distance: 51.1 km / travel time: 54 min)

The experience offered involves tourists from an emotional, intellectual and physical point of view. The whole package tour tells the story of the identity and culture of this territory, by the experiences and activities it offers. It lasts about 6 hours and is meant for a minimum number of 2 participants and a maximum number of 8.

The guide Angela and one or more Ape Calessino cars, will welcome the participants. These means will be the ideal means to enjoy each piece of the tour, making participants feel as they are living again the “Italian Doce Vita” of the ‘50s.

On board these characteristic 3 wheeled cars, participants will be taken around the historical centre of the town, for the guided visit of the Atelier of Roberta Risolo, goldsmith artist from Otranto, who with her jewellery collections made from material from Salento, tells stories, places and customs of the territory. Along the way visitors will admire the Aragonse Castle, the Cathedral of Romanesque architecture, the little Byzantine church of St.Peter, all of them enframed by the picturesque background of the crystal clear sea of Otranto.

In the Atelier visitors can explore the places of work of the artist, her creations and will observe her while making her unique jewels, strictly linked to the local heritage from which she is inspired and which characterizes the Apulian manufacturing goldsmith art. At the end of the visit an example of the goldsmith art of Roberta’s hands will be given to participants as a homage.

After the golden jewels participants will enjoy taste jewels. Food becomes precious and meets the creativity of the young Chef Davide and of his Food Truck gourmet “Salento Pizza & Food”: a real mobile restaurant on the road!

Again on board the Ape Calessino car, the tour will continue in the direction of Palascià Point, the point furthest in the east of Italy, offering participants the wonderful view of the beautiful red lake of the Bauxite Cave, the Coastal Towers and the old Masseria farms.

Within this splendid atmosphere, a country party which is unique of this kind, will welcome the participants. Here the show cooking of the Chef Davide will celebrate the quality street food, the most traditional and innovative one.

During the party participants will not only have the possibility of enjoying the live show cooking based on pizzas, “puccias” and “panzerottis”, but also a live performance of the typical “pizzica” dance from Salento and a picnic with a beautiful view, good food and very good company. This is a real interactive tour of gourmet delicacies on the road, during which participants will experience how to fill “puccias” with their hands and taste all the other Apulian delicacies.

After having enjoyed a close contact with nature and good food, the Ape Calessino car will take guests to a peaceful place immersed in olive groves, situated at a distance of about 9 km, travelling for aboit 15 minutes.
Maestro Cristian, holistic operator, will welcome participants at the sunset, he will offer them the possibility of a hammock massage with a vibrational “sound bath” of Tibetan bells, under the stars and immersed in aromatic essences.

The whole package is a harmonic combination of tradition, design, creativity, art, taste, wellbeing, originality and multi-sensory emotions, meant for helping tourists to fully discover this territory, around an almost scenographic landscape, characterized by the typical baroque stone, olive groves, masseria farms, coastal towers, the Palascia lighthouse, the bauxite cave and the sea.

The tour operator Tourango, specialized in the luxury incoming tourism in Puglia, offers each time, experiences that allow visitors to live the authetinc spirit of the territory, enhancing its qualities and revealing its most intimate secrets.

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