St.Chiara’s Church was originally adjoined to the convent of the Poor Clares, built by the noble woman, Isabella de Florio in 1592, it was consecrated in 1680 by Cardinal Orsini, and was later consecrated again by the archbishop Gagliardi.
The church has got two entrances on the top of which, in the nice art niches, two precious stone statues can be admired, which represent St.Francis and St.Chiara. The main entrance leads to the big nave with a barrel vault interspaced with rib vaults, lunettes and pilasters, with rich decorative stucco motifs, inspired by the 18th century Baroque style. The side walls are interspaced by three wide arches, with polychrome marble altars and gilded wood. The major altar is set below a big painting representing “Jesus at the column”, with an inlaid richly decorated wooden frame of Baroque style.
The former monastery, housing the seminary today, has got its entrance at Via Arcivescovado.

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