St.Nicholas’ Basilica is an imposing construction, one of the first examples of Apulian Romanesque architecture, which houses excellent sculpture elements. It was built between 1087 and 1100 in the heart of the Medieval Bari, in order to house the relics of the Saint (famous in the world with the name of St.Klaus ,Father Christmas) taken to Bari on May 9th 1087, during the Norman rule, from their original shrine in Myra, in Asia Minor, today’s Turkey, after that the city fell under the Arabs’ rule.
The external part of the church shows a façade nestled between the Tower of Militias and Catapano Tower, and is enriched by the central rose window, 5 double lancet windows, 3 windows and 3 entrance doors.
The three nave inside is separated by granite columns, while above the gilded wooden ceiling  in Baroque style, stands out with the paintings by Carlo De Rosa. In the background, in the central apse, there are the ciborium above the altar and Elia’s Cathedra supported by grotsque figures, scuplted in one marble block. In the Crypt, beneath the altar, there is St.Nicholas’ tomb.

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