Enclosed by its ancient city walls, the old town offers a rich historical and architectural heritage just a few steps from the Adriatic Sea. Bisceglie is a lovely town on the Adriatic Sea, 20 km from Barletta and only 8 km from Trani. It has a rich historical and architectural heritage, which has made it an exceptional destination for tourists from everywhere. The ancient walls of the Aragonese period enclose the historical centre, in which evocative alleys and narrow streets, lead to the extraordinary Swabian Castle that, with its three magnificent towers, overlooks the village. Here, there are ancient structures of great historical and cultural value, such as Palazzo Tupputi, the Abbey of Sant’Adoneo, the Church of Santa Margherita and the Romanesque Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo which, with its unique forms, prestigeously fills the Norman heart of the old city. Even outside the ancient city walls, Bisceglie is rich with churches, convents, palaces, villas and farmhouses and, in its countryside,  preserves the traces of a rich heritage that you can admire in the Frisian dolmen of Chianca and Albarosa and in the prehistoric finds of the Cave of Santa Croce. The coastline of Bisceglie is also considered as one of the most beautiful coastal stretches characterized by large beaches and coves such as Cala Pantano, a wetland with a small natural inlet, or the Caves of Ripalta, always very popular and renowned  throughout the world for their untouched natural beauty.

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