The port of Monopoli is defended from the strong winds coming from the north-west, by the pier  Tramontana, which is 600 metres long, and on the south, by the pier Margherita. The two stretches of sea enclose an area being 50,000 sq. mt. large. By going through the mouth to the port, which is 200 mt.long, you can admire the towering castle of Charles V, and, on the left, the old Port, dotted by fishing boats, small rowing boats used for inshore fishing. A triumph of pointed arches dominates the neo-Gothic loggia of the 18th century Palazzo Martinelli. Following the navigation of the port basin, you meet the quay Solfatara, and the coming and going of fishing boats anchored thereto. Further on there is Cala Batteria, which is called after its sixteenth century function of position for heavy artillery batteries; after having overcome Tuna Point, you enter Cala Fontanelle, where pleasure boats are gently rocked by the sea. Then, after the Points of Trave and Cani, the small Cala Curatori opens, it still shows evidence of the traditional industriousness of the shipyards of the town.

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