Barletta, also called Town of the Challenge, because of the historical event in 1503, consisting of the  affront of Italian cavaliers against the French rulers, is a town full of history and culture. There is so much to visit in Barletta, starting from the Swabian Castle of Norman origin, characterized by angular bastions and the big moat surrounding it and housing the Town Museum and library.

Symbol of the town, situated along the main street of the old town, is undoubtedly Eraclius’ Colossus, a bronze statue of Byzantine transition, being 5 metres high, the origin of which is wrapped by the mystery and the legend. The history tells that in the Middle Ages the town was an important crossroads for the pilgrims heading for the Holy Land and this is showed by the splendid Gothic-Romanesque churches, such as Santa Maria Maggiore’s Cathedral and the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre.
Barletta is also particularly interesting for those who love the art, because of its Baroque architecture and its elegant Palazzo Marra housing the De Nittis Picture Gallery, where it is possible to admire the pictures of the painter of the same name, who came from this town, as well as the temporary exhibitions being continuously scheduled.

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