The Pinacoteca De Nittis is housed in the beautiful Palazzo Della Marra, valuable urban civil architecture and once residence of several important aristocratic families: from the Orsini family, who commissioned the construction in the second half of the 500, to Della Marra, a family that owes its splendid architectural and pictorial decorations in Baroque style of Lecce. In the rooms of this fascinating structure are preserved the works of Giuseppe De Nittis, Impressionist painter born in Barletta in 1826 and who became known worldwide as one of the greatest exponents of the nineteenth-century European artistic panorama. The collection was donated to the city by his wife Léontine Gruvelle along with books and a corpus of letters from the artist.

In the rooms of Palazzo Della Marra, De Nittis tells his story through a thematic journey, from the experiences in Naples to the metropolitan suggestions of Paris and London, represented by the painter’s distinctive style. Intimate and expressive are the female portraits and the landscapes, which, through the soft brushworks and skilful juxtaposition of lights and shadows, recall the places visited by the artist. In the museum, a rich schedule of temporary exhibitions is added to the permanent one, allowing visitors to see also the works in the warehouses.

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