The Pinacoteca De Nittis is located in the magnificent Palazzo Della Marra, an exquisite  urban civil architecture and once the residence of several important aristocratic families, ranging between the Orsini family, who commissioned the construction in the second half of the 16th century and Della Marra, a family that owned it until 1743.

The rooms of this fascinating building host the works of Giuseppe De Nittis, an Impressionist painter born in Barletta in 1826,  who became renowned worldwide as one of the greatest representatives of the 19th century European art scene. The collection was donated to the city by his wife Léontine Gruvelle along with the artist’s books and epistolary.

In the rooms of Palazzo Della Marra, De Nittis tells his story through a thematic journey, from his experiences in Naples to the metropolitan suggestions of Paris and London, portrayed by the painter with their more modern traits. The female portraits are intimate and expressive, while the landscapes transfigure the locations visited by the artist with with skilful dashes of light.  The museum offers a rich programme of temporary exhibitions in addition to the permanent exhibition, thus allowing visitors to admire the works in storage in rotation.

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