The tour Bitonto of Beauty and Goodness is focused on the town of Bitonto and the surrounding territory and offers a multi-sensory experience which emotionally and physically involves the visitor, who will be welcomed and pampered for the whole day. It is not only a visit to places famous for their beauty and charm, but a full experience around a so generous and magic land.

The nearest THEMIS Port: the Port of Bari (distance:19.4 km / travel time 30 min)

This tour will start on the morning from Bitonto, a town boasting a very ancient history, the town of oil, a place symbol of the Apulian elegance, art and culture, expression of a foklore and a farming culture which is still fully alive today. Tourists will be welcomed by our guide Francesca and from the Baresana gate the walking tour will start and will last about 90 minutes, a tour of beauty, culture and tastes. It will be a walk around the places of power, the elegance of aristocratic buildings, the mystic atmosphere of places of worship, in a crescendo of amazement which will culminate with the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Assumption, a real treasury, which will fascinate and expire emotions in its visitors, with its stories of saints and heroes.

With their eyes wide with beauty and amazement, visitors will be ready to experience goodness, at the typical restaurant “Il quarto storto” which will welcome them. There they will taste the delicious typical dishes of the traditional Apulian cuisine and will learn in the artisan pastry laboratory  “Boccabò” , with the help of its owner, Amedeo, how to make the famous “bocconotto”, a traditional Apulian dessert,  charateristic for its main ingredient, ricotta cheese, and because in the past it was made by cloistered nuns who lived in the monastery situated in the heart of the historical centre of the town. Its name “bocconotto” means that it is so good that is eaten in one bite.

In the afternoon the tour will continue in the direction of the countryside and the olive groves of the hamlet of Palombaio, 7 km far from the historical centre, where the participants in the tour, will experience a full immersion in the nature of the peasant Puglia, linked to the land and to the cycle of seasons, and will have the possibility to discover the processing techniques of the green gold of Puglia, with a visit to the oil mill of the farm Cuonzo, which has made organic farming its philosophy. Letizia will welcome visitors, offering them a guided tasting of the flavours and aromas of the extravirgin olive oil produced there.

This tour will end with a bike tour at the sunset, lasting about 60 minutes, immersed in a landscape full of olive and almond groves, around the countryside of this magic land.

The travel agency Laureatana Viaggi is specialized in tours tailored for meeting the needs of customers interested in discovering the beauties of the  “Land of Puglia” and combines unusual itineraries with visits to places both characteristic and unknown, with a special eye on slow tourism, trekking and biking.

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