The site of Canne della Battaglia, whose memory is linked to the famous clash between the Romans and Carthaginians in 216 BC, is located on a hill along the valley of Lower Ofanto. The Antiquarium – situated at the foot of the fortified citadel, and the Archaeological Park, with the remains of the ancient Daunio settlement and the structures of Roman, Early Christian and Medieval times – offers visitors an articulated and fascinating path to hike through. The visit to the Archaeological Park is divided into two itineraries. The first leads to the main hill, where there were the arc of the Latin sources and the medieval town, with the Castle and the Basilica. The second itinerary leads to a Christian Basilica, to the area of the Daune dwellings with the “grotticella” tombs, and then to the furnace and the medieval sepulchre.

The Antiquarium welcomes the museum exhibition and the findings from excavations conducted in the area. It is characterized by large windows that favour the connection with archaeological evidence and the unspoilt natural scenery. In 2017, a new layout was introduced, which is now able to document the continuity of life of the Canne della Battaglia from prehistory to Medieval times. The exhibition follows a chronological and thematic order aimed at illustrating the historical evolution of the site and the interaction with the geographical area of the Ofanto. The didactic equipment, the graphics and the multimedia supports make the visit very engaging.

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