In front of Gaios of the island of Paxos, there is the islet of Panagia. On the islet there is the monastery of Palagia, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was built on the site of a preexisting  Paleochristian church. In 1686 a list of churches was drawn up, in which it is mentioned as an “old and ruined” church. Its later renovation was probably carried out by the Vellianitis family.
In 1720 it became a monastery, inhabited by ten monks, while today it is only a church and not a monastery anymore.

Every year, on August 14th a procession takes place around the white fence of the monastery, while on August 15th a festival in honor of the Virgin Mary is held, during which all the pilgrims are served with beef broth cooked in very large cauldrons, as, following the tradition, they used to do in the kitchen of the monastery.

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