The National Park of Gargano extends over a surface of over 118 thousand hectares and is one of the larges naturalistic areas in Italy. It hosts a biodiversity which represents an amazing biological oasis.
What characterizes the park is the extraordinary variety of landscapes alternating rocky coasts with karst highlands, forests, desert steppes, coastal lakes and woody gorges. In the part overlooking the sea, overhanging rocky walls, beaches, inlets follow each other, and far off the park the Tremiti islands stand out, a treasure trove of amazing landscapes.
It is very rich in fauna and flora, so that it represents 35% of the whole national heritage, with the biggest variety of orchids in Europe.
Also the fauna is really outstanding, with the famous roe deer from Gargano, which is the symbol of the park and then many other mammal species such as the weasel, the wild pig, the fallow deer, the mole, the hare and the wild cat.
Besides the mammals, also the birds find the Park of Gargano, their ideal habitat, and this is shown by the nesting there, of over 150 species.

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