The National Park of Alta Murgia is one of  the largest parks in Italy and features two important areas: the “Grasslands on calcareous substrate with wonderful Orchid blossoms” and ” Sub-steppe paths of grasses and annual plants”.  The evocative area of the Park includes a unique succession of rocky ridges, sloping hills, extensive natural pastures and crops, oak and coniferous woods, where the eternal dance of nature seems to be in perfect harmony with the millennial presence of mankind, that over time built several types of constructions, especially stone “masserie” (farmhouses), but also fences, cisterns and churches that, with all their ancient charm, make mankind’s history tangible in an organized mosaic of ancestral stories. Indeed, these places witnessed several civilizations ranging between early men who lived with their animals in the caves of the many rocky ridges,  wandering shepherds,   “massari” who, processed milk and wove wool, and cereal farmers.

Evidence of this historical importance can be found in the many graves dug out in stone in various archaeological sites,  a perfectly preserved human skeleton  in one of the many karstic caves in the Altamura countryside, and in the footprints of ancient and enormous reptiles impressed on the surfaces of the strata on the surface of some abandoned stone quarries. It is therefore a magical and mystical place, where it is possible to reflect on the meaning of time and its careless flow, as well as on the need to protect nature from all threats by choosing to live with it as the ancient inhabitants of this place used to,  respecting and enhancing it.

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