Cala Copacabana is a perfect combination of fne sand and untouched cliff, situated in the south of Monopoli. It consists of three little coves and has been awarded with the Three Sails by the environmentalist organization called Legambiente.
The first little cove is that of Copacabana small staircase, which is called after the staircase created in the rock to access it. The beach is covered with a high rocky wall and the seabed is not very deep.
The second little cove is that called Tre Buchi (three holes), it is very small and it  is very difficult to reach it, because of the winding path among the rocks which leads to it.
The third and last small cove is the larger Cala Copacabana, characterized by a long expanse of sand interrupted by a rock and by a not very deep seabed.

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