The Barletta’s seafront is divided into Western and Eastern coastlines; the Port of Barletta separates the two long stretches of fine sand. Delimited by two asymmetrical piers, it is one of the most popular ones along the Adriatic Sea in terms of size and safety. It houses the trebuchet and the fishermen’s dock and is home to all port activities. The Eastern beach, which is shorter than the Western one, includes few stretches of free beach while hosting many beach resorts; the Western beach, whose promenade was dedicated to Pietro Paolo Mennea, has long stretches of public beach alternating with a few private beaches.

The coast offers many activities for active tourists. In fact, visitors can enjoy several facilities to practice sports, such as surfing, fishing, kitesurfing and diving. Ideal for families with children, both beaches of Barletta aren’t less fun in the evening. Indeed, at night the beaches turn into open-air discos, appreciated and visited also by young people from nearby cities such as Andria, Margherita di Savoia and San Ferdinando.

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