The Regional Park “Island of St.Andrew and Coastline of Punta Pizzo” is an oasis of about 700 hectares, declared protected area in 2006, with the purpose of protecting the wide variety of flora and fauna that can be found there. In this regard, the island of St.Andrew boasts the presence, which is unique along the whole Adriatic and Ionic coast of Italy, of a nestling colony of the Audouin’s gull, an endemic specie of the Mediterranean basin. On the island there is also a lighthouse which is still working. The coastline of Punta Pizzo, is characterized by the amazing succession of indented coast,  Mediterranean scrub, beaches and psueo-steppes, moist habitats fostering the presence of a wide variety of plants. The lovers of nature and of excursions can appreciate this extraordinary mixture guaranteed by crystal clear waters, the intense colours of the sea and by the particularly characteristic rocks of the coastline. It is possible to walk, to cycle or to ride your horse along the six paths offered by the Park

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