Castellana Caves are a whole of underground cavities of karst origin, extending over about 3 kilometres, at a depth of 70 metres in the south eastern Murgia in the provincial territory of Bari.
This site is a unique place, and allows visitors to immerse themselves in an amazing atmosphere, among tunnels, caves,  depths, stalactites, stalagmites, fossils and crystalline concretions  of a thousand shades.
The animal species living in the caves are very interesting. They have adapted themselves to the darkness of this environment, losing their eyesight organs, like the blind coleopter and the cave othopter, a kind of grasshopper. Among the mammals there is the bat.
The caves can be visited following two itineraries, one is longer than the other, but you will be always accompanied by a guide. The shortest one lasts 50 minutes and offers the visit of about one third of the caves, the second one, instead, lasts about 2 hours and follows a route being about 3 kilometres long.
Every year in the big cave, at a depth of 70 metres below sea level, one of the biggest underground air shows, ever organized, takes place. It is called “Hell in the Cave”, based on the Hell of the Divine Comedy by Dante.

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