Margherita di Savoia, situated 15 km far from Barletta, overlooks the Gulf of Manfredonia and is famous for the saltworks being the largest ones in Europe, and for its spa.
The history of this town, which is named after the first Queen of Italy, Margherita di Savoia, is strictly linked to the saltworks which have always given work to the inhabitants of the place.
The whole coastal line housing the saltworks extends over a surface of 20 km, and in the hinterland the saltworks cover an area of about 5 km, for a total number of 450 hectares.
The lovers of bird watching consider this place, one of the most important protected areas in Italy,  the ideal place for the resting and wintering of over 200 species of water birds, among which there are the pink flamingoes.
Besides the saltworks, Margherita di Savoia hosts an important spa, coming from ancient times, characterized by therapeutic bacteriologically pure waters, rich in bromum and iodium, and natural  muds, mineralized by the salts of the thermal spring waters, collected from the basins of salt extraction. For enjoying a full immersion in wellbeing, you can take advantage of the elegant SPA Club delle Terme.

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