Minervino Murge called “Balcony of Puglie”, is an enchanted place that presents a unique landscape both from a naturalistic point of view, as well as from an architectural point of view. It stretches out over the magnificent scenery of the valleys of Basilicata, just in front of Mount Vulture which is the ancient extinct volcano that appears on the horizon from the highest part of the village. Minervino also houses an extraordinary and ancient village called “Scesciola”, an Arabic term that means “maze”, explaining the intersection of narrow streets and alleys. Continuing along the Alta Murgia National Park you will soon reach Spinazzola, a town that stands on a geological terrace surrounded by cliffs overlooking the valley of the Locone torrent, the main stream of the Ofanto river. Here you can discover the ruins of the great Garagnone, a mysterious and secret ghost fortress of medieval origin belonged to the feud of the Orsini or the “Martian land” of the Quarry of Bauxite, where you can admire a truly spectacular scenery. The shades of colours and dust are very special and combine suggestively with the waters of the pond, creating reflections and games of light. An unmissable place!

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