The Beautiful Town overlooks the Ionian Sea and boasts a coastline characterized by a variety of beaches, of white dunes and cliffs, with picturesque inlets and hidden sandy shores.  The splendid Gulf of Gallipoli ranges between the north, with the resort “Lido Conchiglie”, and the bay in the south, protected by the Regional Natural Park. The indented coastline of Punta Pizzo includes a succession of splendid beaches with their crystal clear and turquoise sea, which have nothing to envy  the most famous tropical destinations. From Punta della Suina, a real paradise on earth,   you get to Baia Verde, with its Caribbean-like beaches; from Rivabella with its soft sandy dunes you get to Lido San Giovanni, with its right mixture of sea beauties and good service on the beach; from Lido Conchiglie, where sand and rock alternate, you get to the picturesque beach of Purità, with its transparent seabeds, which is situated just near the walls of the old Town.

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