Among the beaches of Paxos there is no one with sand, that of Mongonissi excepted. Then, for the lovers of sandy beaches, a detour to the nearby isle of Antipaxos is necessary.
Leaving from the isle of Antipaxos, a real paradise for its crystal clear sea, we can find the most famous and visited beaches of the isle, that of Vrika equipped with a bar and beach umbreallas, the one of Mesovrika, that is “behind Vrika”, with its limpid and light blue water and the seabed made up with very fine and fair little stones, and then the beach of Voutoumi, characterized by a mixture of emerald coloured nature, with blu and transparent waters, as a real paradise on earth.  
On the island of Paxos, the best coast to enjoy the sea, is the eastern one, characterized by coves,  bays and hidden inlets.  In Loggos the most beautiful beaches are those of Kipiadi Beach and Kipos,  which can be reached by walking through a very green pathway. Near Lagos there is the exclusive resort of Agia Marina with its beach, a few meters away from the spectacular islet of Mongonissi, with its taverm, its sandy beach and its crystal clear sea.
The best beaches of the western side of Paxos are those directly facing the Ionian Sea, they are Galazio, Avlaki and Spilies, names reminding to caves, inlets and cliffs.

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