The beautiful city of Bari, with its big cultural, art, gastronomical and hospitality heritage, offers lovers of the sea and of sun tanning, a wide range of original holiday tours around the city and its surroundings.
Among the beaches situated in the city and easy to be reached by public means of transport, near the seafront, there is the public beach called “Pane e Pomodoro (Bread and Tomato)”which  is characterized by sand and pebbles at the same time, and is usually frequented by local inhabitants who love to relax with their family, maybe  with a picnic rich in typical delicacies! On windy days, on the Pane e Pomodoro beach you can admire spectacular kitesurfing maneuvers, colouring the sky and the sea with one thousand colours.

Not so far from the centre of Bari, there is the little village of Torre a Mare, where there are many free beaches, often characterized by rocks; among these there is a cliff known by the local  inhabitants, by the name of “The Bunker”, where you can enjoy a crystal-clear water and a breath-taking panorama; it is fit only for those who love adventure and are able to dive into the water only from rocks.
Who loves lower sea-beds, which are not necessarily rocky, should go to Mola di Bari, situated along a coast being about 13 km long, and choose the beaches situated near the seaside resort of Cozze, characterized by low cliffs and a sandy sea-bed. A little further to the north of Bari, you can find the small village of Santo Spirito, characterized by narrow winding alleys, along which you can find low houses and old  precious aristocratic buildings, and the village of Giovinazzo characterized by an indented coast and a splendid small port, which offers beautiful beaches of pebbles and coves like Cala Arena and Cala Santo Spiriticchio.

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