Pastaredde are ancient traditional sweets from which you can taste all the fascinating authenticity of the tradition of Barletta. These are simple and delicate biscuits with fragrant flavour, and perfect to dip in a cup of milk or tea. In ancient times, these sweets were prepared by housewives at home for weddings or other festivities, and were served in baskets or mines, strictly accompanied by glasses of wine and small glasses of coloured liqueurs. The uneaten Pastaredde were brought home together with the oil biscuits often in pillow cases as bags, because for their characteristics, they were excellent to eat even in the following days. Today, these delicious biscuits are loved not only for their taste and for their genuineness, but also because, while tasting them and coming into contact with this distant and yet unforgettable traditions, you really have the impression of jumping back in time!

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