“I Sospiri” or “Sweets of the Bride” are traditional Apulian pastries whose origin is surrounded by a legendary charm. It is said that they were invented by the cloistered nuns of Bisceglie who elaborated them to celebrate in a dignified manner the marriage between Lucrezia Borgia and the Count of Conversano. The wedding failed, so the guests sighing for the wait were delighted and consoled with the cakes prepared especially for the occasion. But this is only one of the versions, in fact there are many others and, among them, one, in particular, seems the most accredited, the one according to which they were created by a boy who, Mad with love, he decided to reproduce in these sweets the bosom of his beloved who so made him sigh. Tasting these delicious pastries with a simple but decisive flavour, it seems to savour the most authentic Puglia: sensual and mystical at the same time.

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