The stuffed cuttlefish (in dialect I secc ‘mbutteit) are the irresistible representation of two extraordinary combinations: on one hand, the link between taste and tradition of this territory; and, on the other, the fragrant marriage between land and sea that has always made the cuisine of Barletta unique in the regional scene. The particular taste of this dish is given by the freshness of the cuttlefish filled with crumb, cheese and fresh tomatoes, flavoured with basil or parsley, which, together with potatoes, is cooked in the oven.

The stuffed cuttlefish are a very light and complete second course of fish. Indeed, it is often considered as a single dish to be brought to the table. While savouring it, the vibrations of the countryside and the suggestions of the sea blend together to recreate all the richness of the ancient soul of Barletta.

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