Burrata di Andria IGP is a unique product, appreciated and envied even overseas. It has the appearance of a small bag of spun dough, white and shiny, with a round shape with a characteristic apical closure. The stracciatella (soft cheese with a savoury and sweet flavour, produced using a stretching and a shredding technique) filling has a spongy consistency, and is made of hand-chopped spun pasta dipped in cream. It is one of those local foods in which you can taste the history and culture of a people. In fact, it has a rather picturesque origin. It is said that in an ancient farm, in the first decades of the twentieth century, it was invented by Mr. Lorenzo Bianchino, who due to a heavy snowfall, could not transfer the milk to the city. Having to transform the milk and create the cream, he followed the concept of production of the mantèche (ripened pastry casings in which butter is stored), tried to produce a brand-new product with the same principle. Mr Bianchino then thought to mix together the residues of the processing of the spun pasta with cream and wrap it all in an envelope made of spun pasta too. This product appeared for the first time in 1931 in the Guide of the Touring Club and immediately obtained a huge success, so much to find the Shah of Persia one of his great admirers.



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