Farrata is a typical savory pie from the town of Manfredonia, which is prepared with cheese and eggs, above all in the Carnival period and is called after the spelt flour to make its dough. The round shaped Farrata dates back to the very ancient time of the Romans, when it was used during an old marriage celebration ceremony, called confaeratio, in which the married couple consecrated the rite, by eating a little spelt focaccia.
When, over centuries, wheat replaced spelt, the inhabitants of the old Mandredonia (Siponto) continued to prepare Farrata, using wheat and not spelt. This pie has become popular since the after war period, as typical dish of the Carnival of Manfredonia, during which it is consumed hot, as soon as it is taken from the oven, in the lanes and streets of the town, and is considered a delicacy both by adults and children.

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