Themis, luxury between cruises and previously unknown itineraries

thematic package tours directly connected to the ports have been selected

To support the development and the activities of the minor ports, in order to develop activities, directing the sea traffic, particularly the cruise one, towards territories which are still underdeveloped from a tourist point of view and to strengthen the connections with the main ports: these are, in brief, the goals of the Themis Project.

To speak about only “holiday packages” would be reductive: the experience offered by this project is a real multi-sense experience for luxury cruise passengers.  Exclusive packages are offered to those who want to spend unforgettable and luxury stays  both in the open sea and in charming places, seldom included in the usual tourist circuits. From one side, then, tourists will have the possibility to enjoy a unique experience one of a kind, on the other side the territories, thanks to this project, will have the possibility of recovering from a difficult and complex period- suffered above all by the tourist and economic sector in general-due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The entities involved as partners, are: the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea, the Town Council of Gallipoli, the Corfù Port Authority, the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the Town Council of Paxos, in Greece. More specifically, the Town Councils of Barletta, Monopoli and Brindisi, and indirectly also the Town Councils of Bari and Manfredonia, guided by the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea, are carrying out a campaign of territorial marketing, aiming at promoting the Themis brand, linking it to the local tourist potentials, with the help of the businesses of the respective territories. Unioncamere, instead, has got the task of supporting the incoming, outgoing and training  activities being in charge of the Chamber of Commerce in Bari.

All the bodies, each one according to its own competence and working in synergy with each other, are doing a complex and well structured job for relaunching theis territories.

The intention, then, is that of enhancing maritime  transport, and cross-border connectivity, supporting the development and activities of the minor ports, including them in the cross-border and regional routes, and directing the traffic of the passengers, particularly of the small cruises and maxi yachts, towards territories which have not been exploited yet, from a tourist cruise point of view, thus strengthening, at the same time, the connections with the main ports.

For making the relaunch of the minor ports really possible, they are working on different sides, offering tourists solutions aiming at fostering a thorough knowledge of the territory, as regards food, nature, culture, wellbeing and the experiences connected with the territory itself.


In order to make the offer even more attractive, light infrastructural works are being implemented for all the ports managed by AdSP MAM (Manfredonia, Barletta, Monopoli), for the port of Gallipoli and the port of

Gaios (Paxos), meant for the reception of passengers. The works will be completed within the first quarter of 2021, in order to be ready for the next season.

In order to reach these goals, we have started from the international analysis of the demand of tourist services on the Apulian territory, aiming at identifying a specific market for potential investors, and then working on the creation of tourist packages, designed on specific thematic itineraries, according to the above said analysis and incoming activities of tourist buyers linked to the cruise tourism.

They are now working at the international promotion of tourist packages and the respective planning opportunites of new landing points in the ports involved into this project, particularly as regards little cruises and maxi yachts, and the creation of a common brand for identifying the territories involved.

At the same time, the port personnel, in order to improve the level of the services offered, will be involved in special training courses.

The results that the Themis Project intends to obtain, are as follows:

the joint development of the tourist sector and of the maritime port one, being characteristic and fundamental in both the economies of the two countries;

the improvement of the promotional efficiency of the territory, thanks to the integrated collaboration of the public bodies involved;

better accommodation services and structures in the ports of Manfredonia, Monopoli, Barletta, Gallipoli and Paxos;

better tourist commercial promotion of the territories of Gargano, central Puglia, southern Salento and of the islands of Corfù with its little harbours;

deseasonalization of the traffic and of the flows of passengers in the minor port areas;

development of the services and industries associated with tourism in the territorial areas involved.

Our challenge is that of offering certainties and services, investments and new proposals, above all in this so delicate period we are living, because of the so heavy repercussions connected with Covid emergency”, sustains the chairman of AdSP MAM Ugo Patroni Griffi. “A cyclic economy, like that of the cruises (and in more in general of the shipping sector), produces important and positive effects, not only on the port but also any time a ship approaches a pier and the passengers get off for excursions or overnight stays. Our ports, both for their geographical position and the special services offered, fully meet the most frequent demand of companies: the multi-destination cruise. By Themis we aim at encouraging the sector of cruises, particularly of luxury cruises, the segment of the whole tourist sector, registering the highest growth rate. We are significantly enhancing our offer-  Patroni Griffi concludes-and accepting the new challenges that the market issues to us.”