Presentation of the territorial network of local stakeholders

On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of December, two appointments, one for the local stakeholders in Bari and the other one for the local stakeholders in the area of Manfredonia, will take place, starting from 15.00 hours. The Interregional Project Greece Italy 2014/2020, called THEMIS, has organized a digital workshop meant for local stakeholders, enterprises and companies which want to join the territorial network of THEMIS.

Simona De Santis, on behalf of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority,  Leading Partner of the Project, will introduce the workshop, and present the project and the activities carried out over the last months by the System Port Authority and by the different partners in Puglia and Greece, notwithstanding the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 emergency, to the tourist sector: the Municipality of Gallipoli, the Port Authority of Corfù, the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the Municipality of Paxos, Greece.

Alessandra Viscito, as representative of Ediguida srl, the company which is working in the communication and promotion of the project  on behalf of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority, will show the different activities carried out for the promotion of the Themis brand, in its relationship with local peculiarities and will illustrate the promotional support strategies provided up to now, particularly as regards the towns of Bari and Manfredonia.

The meeting will be closed by Elena Salzano, CEO of  inCoerenze srl, expert of marketing and integrated communication. She will present the territorial network of Themis, which is meant for involving the local enterprises joining the project, in the offer of charme experiences and exclusive luxury cruise tourism itineraries, by suggesting at least one of their products, dedicated to luxury tourists. The network will have visibility in the website, the apps and social nerworks, as well as it will be easily recognizable   by window stickers and the promotional material of the Themis project being available to our customers.

THEMIS is the “umbrella brand” under which thematic tourist packages have been created and new cruise routes  including the minor ports of Puglia and Greece,  are being promoted. Little “terminals” are being built, and since the last month free training courses (courses of English and on safety) dedicated to the personnel working in the ports of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority, have been started. They are aimed at improving the level of the services offered.  Incoming and outcoming activities have also been promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, aiming at involving new Italian and Greek luxury cruise companies in the tourist packages organized. The project is co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund  (ERDF) and by national funds of Italy and Greece.

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