Through THEMIS Project the Port Network Authority of Southern Adriatic Sea has been delivering actions under the Union emblem demonstrating true innovation in a resilient period and improving social media image as it had never been able to do before, offering the public the idea of a productive and proactive and not sleepy entity.
THEMIS Project has been selected for the MedCruise Awards 2021 in the two categories. MedCruise is the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports Promotes the cruise industry and unites the ports of ‘Mare Nostrum’ and its adjoining seas.

Vote for Themis and PNA of the Southern Adriatic Seat the following link:

1) MedCruise member with most improved social media image

2) MedCruise member Adaptation and Resilience Award. Awarded to the MedCruise member that has demonstrated the best capacity for adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 3rd edition of the MedCruise Awards will be celebrated on June 11 2021 online. Fingers crossed!