The tour  The itineraries of the Ionic arch of Taranto is focused on the town of Taranto and the sorrounding territory, and is meant for the participation of a minimum number of 8 participants and a maximum number of 15 participants.

The nearest THEMIS ports:  Port of Monopoli (distance: 69.4 km / travel time 1:13 min)
Port of Brindisi (distance: 75.9 km / travel time: 58 min)

The tour starts in the morning from the historical centre of the town, between history and culture, with our guide Claudia and the photographer videomaker Mario, who will accompany the group for making a reportage of the tour. Through alleys and narrow streets,  tourists will have the possibility of immersing themselves in the daily life and working activities of the citizens reviving with their industriousness, the streets of the old Taranto.
An obligatory stopver of this tour is the visit to the Cathederal of Saint Cataldo, the oldest cathedral in Puglia, with its splendid architecture and its famous hypogeum De Beaumont Bonelli Bellacicco.                                                                                                                                                                   Then the tour continues towards the MarTa, the National Archaeological Museum of the town of Taranto, for a guided tour along the exhibitions ranging between prehistory and the late Medieval Age, passing by the corridors exhibiting the “Taranto golden objects”, and admiring the colletion of jewels and the imposing beauty of the exhibited Heracles’ Head. Finally participants will be welcomed in the MArTA Lab, a digital handicraft workshop, where they will be enabled to reproduce by 3D printers, an object exhibited in the museum.

At 12.30ap lunch will be served in Crispiano, after a trip on a minibus,  at the Masseria  farm Amastuola, a building dating back to 1400, immersed in century-old vineyards and olive groves, housing an elegant  wine-hotel, a barrel store, a library, and a restaurant with a terrace. After the visit to this Masseria farm, its vineyards and its cellar, a tasting lunch accompanied by a selection of five organic  wines matched with five dishes of the traditional Apulian cuisine. This will be an opportunity to taste not only the local wines but also the local typical cuisine.  

In the afternoon the tour will continue by travelling on a minibus, to Grottaglie, which will stop  at the house of the Vestita family. Here participants will be welcomed by the owners of the house, Mimmo and Maria Vestita. Inside, it will be possible to enjoy a picturesque garden and a Medieval rupestrian  church recently excavated, an extraordinary art testimony dating back to the 13th century. In the Vestita House and Shop the tradition of the master ceramists is kept untouched. Through the tales of Mimmo Vestita, in his garden of wonders, participants will have the impression to experience a  trip back in time. The tour continues in the shop, where participants will have the possibility to observe the process of ceramic making, an art which is the flagship of the Apulian tradition and will experience how to make a ceramic object, under the guide of the masters of the shop.

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In the vicinity of Monopoli and Brindisi