The tour SEATour  offers a’“breathtaking” immersion in the heart of the Adriatic coast of Puglia, accompanied by a tourist guide graduated in biology and expert on the local history and art.

The nearest THEMIS port: Port of Monopoli (distance: 850m / travel time 11 min on foot)

The tour starts at 10.30am from the port of Monopoli, from which, by entering the scenographc gate of Porto Vecchio, we will go straight to the heart of the historical centre, and will immerse ourselves in the typical bustling and noisy life of the narrow streets and white alleys. The guided walk of 2 hours will be a journey around the history, the taste and traditions of this town  closely entwined with the sea and the so much venerated Madonna of Madia, whose image can be found everywhere at every corner of the old town, from the baroque Cathedral to the votive niches, and the frescoes of the undeground churches,  excavated in the rock over 1000 years ago. To visit one of them, the rupestrian church of  Madonna of the Suffrage and of the Amalfitana, visitors will enjoy the magic experience of being in a place below sea level.

In the workshop of Oronzo, a young shipwright, participants will have the possibility of  experiencing the building of little fishing boats (so called “gozzo”), a typical souvenir of Monopoli, and then the tour will continue in the direction of the old port.

Now it is time to have lunch: along the teeming and noisy alleys, visitors can smell the aroma of  bread and focaccias just taken out of the oven, and instead of the “gozzo” fishing boats, which have a shape similar to that of the old Venetian gondolas, the smell of fish just brought by fishermen from the sea, is in the air. On board  their fishing boats, Francesco, Giuseppe and Leonardo, three young fishermen, will be glad to take visitors to the Regional Park of the coastal dunes, setting sail from the marina of Savelletri, a hamlet in the territory of Fasano. On board, participants will taste typical dishes of the Apulian sea cuisine tradition matched with high quality local wines, such as the rose wines of  the farmhouse Masseria Mita and the Doc (Controlled designation of Origin) marked white wine Locorotondo of the Cellar Cardone.

Once got ashore, visitors will be given e-bikes for a beautiful ride up to the Archaeological Park of Egnatia, an ancient Greek-Roman town by the sea and crossed by a huge stretch of the famous Trajan road, and then going ahead along the via Francigena in the south, among fortified masseria farms, fig groves, thousand- year old olive groves and fields of Regina tomatoes, a precious Slow Food Presidia, visitors will reach the Park of the Coastal Dunes, where they will stop for birdwatching and taking photos of nature.
By slowly biking, participants will come back to Savelletri, but not without having tasted a good lemon ice cream, in the shade of the lictorian lighthouse of the sea village of Torre Canne. At this time the sun is going to hide itself behind the Murgia hills, it is time to set sailing again and make the unforgettable experience of  casting nets into the sea, together with master fishermen…..and goodness knows, while sailing in the deep waters of Monopoli, dolphins and turtles may go along with us.

The Cooperative Serapia matches the competences with the professionalism of some young environmental biologists, accrued in the field of the environmental education and teaching, of exursionism, sustainable tourism, both of a historical and cultural and naturalistic kind, as well as of the scientific research and  advice. The cooperative is specialized in a kind of experiential tourism, meant for transferring knowledge and passion and helping the birth of a new and more harmonic relationship between landscape and human activities, environment and economy, technique and culture.

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In the vicinity of Monopoli