Themis Project: The Southern Adriatic Ports Authority organizes training courses for port operators

Within the beginning of the next summer season, everything must be ready to welcome the first “luxury” cruise tourists.

THEMIS is an “umbrella brand”, under which thematic package tours have been created and new sea routes are being promoted. The first construction works of little “terminals” are underway in all the minor ports involved and in a short time, free training courses for the personnel working in the ports of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority will be organized, in order to improve the level of the services offered.

Two courses will be started by the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority: a basic English course and a course focused on the security of workers at the ports. They are both free of charge, they will be carried out on line, in order to comply with the anti-Covid provisions being in force in this delicate period.


The Basic EngIlish Course is aimed at improving the language level of the operators at the ports of Bari, Barletta, Manfredonia, Brindisi and Monopoli, particularly those working in contact with cruise tourists. The final goal of the project is, among others, that of raising the quality level of the services offered in each port of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority.

This activity has been entrusted to the private school My English School (seat of Bari). The course provides the participation of one hundred participants (an average of 20 participants for each course), with compulsory attendance for at least 80% of the scheduled hours. At the end of the courses an attendance certificate will be issued after having passed an exam. In it the level of knowledge of the language will be reported, with reference to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (QCERT). The courses will be held by qualified mothertongue teachers.


This course is meant for providing the necessary knowledge referred to by the National Program of Maritime Safety, to the personnel working as employees at the ports, which is not appointed for carrying out safety  tasks.

This course wll be particularly focused on the single ports of the Southern Adriatic Ports Authority (Supplemented Port Facility Plan). Attendance is free; it has been designed for 100 participants (an average of 20 participants per course) with complulsory attendance for at least 80% of the scheduled hours.

Also in this case, at the end of the course, an exam has to be passed in order to receive a certificate of attendance by the Heraclitus Academy in Catania, a Body accredited by the General Command of Harbour Offices, for the training on maritime safety.

The teachers of this course are certified trainers on maritime safety, as it is recommended by the National Maritime Safety Program (NMSP), and are qualified as having 5 years of experience in the teaching or operational field, about the subject of the course.

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