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This document contains information concerning the technologies allowing this Website to reach the goals described below.Such technologies allow the Data Controller to collect and save information (for example by using Cookies) or by using resources (for example by carrying out a script) on the User’s device, when the latter interacts with this Website.

This Website uses Tracking Tools directly managed by the Data Controller (usually called “first party” Tracking Tools and Tracking Tools enabling services provided by third parties (usually called “third party” Tracking Tools). If it is not otherwise specified within this document, such third parties have access to the respective Tracking Tools.
Users can get more detailed information, such as the existence of other Tracking Tools, by contacting the Data Controller.

Activities being strictly necessary to guarantee the functioning of this Website and the provision of the Service

This Website uses so called “technical” Cookies or other similar Tracking Tools useful for carrying out activities being strictly necessary for guaranteeing the functioning or the provision of the Service.

Other activities providing the use of Tracking Tools

Improvement of the experience

This Website uses Tracking Tools in order to provide a personalized User’s experience, for allowing a better management of personal settings and the interaction with networks and external platforms.

  • Interaction with social networks and external platforms
  • Viewing of contents from external platforms
How to manage preferences and give or withdraw your consent

Users can directly manage their preferences concerning the Tracking Tools by the settings of their devices- for example, they can stop the use or the storage of Tracking Tools.

In addition to this, whenever the use of Tracking Tools depends on the User’s consent, the User can give or withdraw its consent, by setting its own oreferences within the cookie policy or by updating such preferences by the tracking setting widget, if it is activated.

Thanks to special functions of the browser or of the device, it is also possible to remove the Tracking Tools which have been previously saved.

Other Tracking Tools which can be found in the browser locale storage, can be removed by deleting the browsing history.

Identification of the settings concerning the Tracking Tools

Users, for example, can directly find information about how to manage Cookies, in the most popular browser policies, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.

Users can also manage some Tracking Tools for mobile applications, by disabling them wit the use of the special settings existing on their device, such as advertising settings for mobile devices or the settings concerning tracking in general (Users can look over their device settings to identify the right one).

Contact Information

Data Controller:

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E-mail address of the Data Controller:

Because of the complexity of the identification process of the tracking technologies, Users are invited to contact the Data Controller, whenever they would like to receive further information as regards the use of such technologies on this Website.