The tour  A travel of meetings and tales along the coast of Otranto among contemporary jewels, tastes on the road, the typical folklore “pizzica” dance and hammock massages is focused on the town of Otranto and the surrounding territory.

The nearest THEMIS  port: Port of Gallipoli (distance: 51.1 km / travel time: 54 min)

The experience offered involves tourists from an emotional, intellectual and physical point of view. The whole package tour tells the story of the identity and culture of this territory, by the experiences and activities it offers. It lasts about 6 hours and is meant for a minimum number of 2 participants and a maximum number of 8.

The guide Angela and one or more Ape Calessino cars, will welcome the participants. These means will be the ideal means to enjoy each piece of the tour, making participants feel as they are living again the “Italian Doce Vita” of the ‘50s.

On board these characteristic 3 wheeled cars, participants will be taken around the historical centre of the town, for the guided visit of the Atelier of Roberta, goldsmith artist from Otranto, who with her jewellery collections made from material from Salento, tells stories, places and customs of the territory. Along the way visitors will admire the Aragonse Castle, the Cathedral of Romanesque architecture, the little Byzantine church of St.Peter, all of them enframed by the picturesque background of the crystal clear sea of Otranto.

In the Atelier visitors can explore the places of work of the artist, her creations and will observe her  while making her unique jewels, strictly linked to the local heritage from which she is inspired and which characterizes the Apulian manufacturing goldsmith art. At the end of the visit an example of the goldsmith art of Roberta’s hands will be given to participants as a homage.

After the golden jewels participants will enjoy taste jewels. Food becomes precious and meets the creativity of the young Chef Davide and of his Food Truck gourmet: a real mobile restaurant on the road!

Again on board the Ape Calessino car, the tour will continue in the direction of Palascìa Point, the point furthest in the east of Italy, offering participants the wonderful view of the beautiful red lake of the Bauxite Cave, the Coastal Towers and the old Masseria farms.

Within this splendid atmosphere, a country party which is unique of this kind, will welcome the participants. Here the show cooking of the Chef Davide will celebrate the quality street food, the most traditional and innovative one.

During the party participants will not only have the possibility of enjoying the live show cooking based on pizzas, “puccias” and “panzerottis”, but also a live performance of the typical “pizzica” dance from Salento and a picnic with a beautiful view, good food and very good company. This is a real interactive tour of gourmet delicacies on the road, during which  participants will experience how to fill “puccias” with their hands and taste all the other Apulian delicacies.

After having enjoyed a close contact with nature and good food, the Ape Calessino car will take guests to a peaceful place immersed in olive groves, situated at a distance of about 9 km, travelling for about 15 minutes.

Maestro Cristian, holistic operator, will welcome participants at the sunset, he will offer them the possibility of a hammock massage with a vibrational “sound bath” of Tibetan bells, under the stars and immersed in aromatic essences.


The whole package is a harmonic combination of tradition, design, creativity, art, taste, wellbeing, originality and multi-sensory emotions, meant for helping tourists to fully discover this territory, around an almost scenographic landscape, characterized by the typical baroque stone, olive groves, masseria farms, coastal towers, the Palascia lighthouse, the bauxite cave and the sea.

The tour operator Tourango, specialized in the luxury incoming tourism in Puglia, offers each time, experiences  that allow visitors to live the authetinc spirit of the territory, enhancing its qualities and revealing its most intimate secrets.

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